Anyone For Tea?

If Boston is famous for something, it’s The Tea Party.  They have 2 ships and a well-run re-enactment running.  (I do think I should have got in free!!).  Anyway, you are given the name of someone who’s life you can follow, you join in the debate, and learn what happened.  However, whatever the politics (No Taxation, Without Representation), I still think it was a waste of tea!!

 photo DSC_0666_zpsd97kenyt.jpg

 photo DSC_0661_zpshaj7zxw9.jpg

 photo DSC_0646_zps13giwxsn.jpg

 photo DSC_0653_zps1pb1gm60.jpg

 photo DSC_0654_zpsokfl73ya.jpg

 photo DSC_0657_zpsy34wvbnt.jpg

Another place I visited was Quincy Market.  If you want to buy and eat food, this is where to go.

 photo DSC_0239_zps43cwfwbb.jpg

 photo DSC_0237_zpsqlzwidgf.jpg

I even had a Boston Clam Chowder (even though I don’t eat sea-food)

 photo DSC_0234_zpssjmtumbx.jpg

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