And So My Final Flight Within The USA

Yes, I have said goodbye to California and moved to the “mass” bit of the title page – Massachusetts. I am staying in Boston, the home of the “tea party”, so that is already on my to-do list! Luckily, as I had a night flight I was expecting to have to sit somewhere to recover, but I was able to get to my room when I arrived at 6am. So, I went to sleep for a couple of hours, and although tired got up and out, and so started my wander round Boston that day – I went on the Freedom Trail, which I must say was really well marked. Anyway, here are a few of the sights I saw that of historical note in some way –

I was impressed with the city, as The Freedom trail was clearly marked … follow the red brick road.

 photo DSC_0531_zpsuvrwanrn.jpg

Bunker Hill

 photo DSC_0617_zpsierikxbt.jpg

 photo DSC_0613_zpstzqhurq9.jpg

Paul Revere statue … plus the Church tower where the 2 lanterns were hung to remind people that the British were coming.

 photo DSC_0586_zps7jjiw2rp.jpg

Paul Revere’s House

 photo DSC_0581_zpslfjjqgsd.jpg

Boston Latin School Site

 photo DSC_0565_zpsbtsbidai.jpg

The Granary Cemetery

 photo DSC_0544_zpsrxe0l1d9.jpg

 photo DSC_0552_zpszfd6ipva.jpg

 photo DSC_0549_zps9u6f6cos.jpg

Massachusetts State House … and, yes, that is gold on the dome

 photo DSC_0536_zpso4s3rcei.jpg

Will admit it was HOT, so after getting to Bunker Hill I was shattered and ended up taking a taxi back to the hotel … and a lazy rest-of-the-day.

PS – I wrote this a week ago, and flew home before I posted it … since then have had problems as my lap-top died on the flight home, and so I have had to re-do photos. Fortunately a lot were in cloud storage, so that is good. So, although I am in England I will finish my ramble through America for you.

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