Yet More California

You saw the aquarium yesterday, so here are a few photos of Monteray –

 photo DSC_0326_zpskekxll9k.jpg

 photo DSC_0322_zpsr7px8z4g.jpg

 photo DSC_0320_zpsm0c5kley.jpg

Carmel – the home of Doris Day and Clint Eastwood – also a town that has o house numbers or names … they collect their own post.  Also if you want to wear high heals you have to get permission.

 photo DSC_0400_zpsfxkjslai.jpg

 photo DSC_0393_zpsq9tnszcq.jpg

Pebble Beach 18th hole

 photo DSC_0379_zpsihkw0b3u.jpg

The lone Cyprus – it is now protected with a wall, as it was first noted over 200 years ago

 photo DSC_0374_zpshvzunsv0.jpg

Along the coast

 photo DSC_0362_zpsu6th6bum.jpg

 photo DSC_0356_zpskk66rxpb.jpg




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